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It's WaWa Time!

A no brainer way to lose weight


"I just drank the WaWa water on a daily basis, used the Calorie Killers and
kept on track with the daily WaWa reminders and lost 22kgs (48lbs)
in 4 months without feeling deprived!" *

Get the WaWa Flush The Fat kit
and start shrinking today!

Get everything below for our 4 month program
Only $299 +p&h
Normally over $600

Contents of the WaWa kit
• Flush The Fat Book
• Record And Reward Book
• 8 x 10 Pack Eko Crystals (80 sachets)
• 3 x Filter Sticks
• Bottle BPA Free
• Litmus Pack (100 tests)
• BMI Tape
• Timer
• Mind Magic Wristband
• Gold Star Stickers
• Jug


Do the WaWa...

WaWa, the program developed to flush the fat
and lose weight easily and simply.

Lost 13kg in 2 months
"I am grossly overweight. In two months I have lost 13kg and went
from a size 24 to a 20... I am simply delighted with the outcome..." *

Can you walk for two and a half minutes?
If the answer is yes, WaWa is for you!

• No extreme diets
• No extreme exercise
• Easy for anyone at any age
• Do it at home or at work

Order Now!

WaWa Works
WaWa's a winner and you will be too!

OR Get our 2 month starter pack for
$169.95 +p&h see WaWa Shop

*30 day money back guarantee minus postage and handling
upon return of product and all package components.

* DISCLAIMER: Results may vary, there is no guarantee of specific results



Pain Free Living
“I have had Osteoarthritis for 40 years... 2 back operations... calcification in my feet, hands, neck and back, my hips and spine are fit for a wheelchair... some days the pain is terrible... Then I started drinking Eko Crystals and I feel better than I have for ten years... I have more energy and I am sleeping better, plus I have lost 6 kilo’s and I have done nothing different but drink water with Eko Crystals in it...” *
Karin Brown RT,
Dip of PC, GRM

This Stuff Is Great
“Eko Crystals is the best thing that I have come across to help with Fibromyalgia, Osteo-Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, GORD and MCS... plus my blood pressure has gone down and weight is starting to drop off with NO significant changes to my diet or exercise. This stuff is GREAT! Thank you so much” *

WIN With WaWa!
Complete our four month progam to be eligible to enter the WaWa competition. Win with WaWa and get a fantastic LCD TV and a years supply of WaWa products!